Garden Session | Fort Worth Family Photographer

I’m really starting to appreciate the whole seeing the same families every year part of this job. It is truly my JOY to capture yours!!! And to see more sweet babies added to your portraits…the dynamic keeps changing but the constant is the love. Love that keeps growing and it is such a beautiful thing! Besides that, in the busy-ness of life, it’s so tough to keep up with people so I love getting to just hang out with a family for 1-2 hours. That’s exactly what it was like with these four. Just catching up, and catching them loving on their adorable kiddos at the beautiful Fort Worth Botanic Gardens. Thanks again, G family! Always a lovely time with y’all!


New Life | Fort Worth Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Life is beautiful! I see every session as a celebration of life and the love of a family but most especially, I see it at newborn sessions. It is so beautiful watching a sweet family love on their newest little one. I was able to capture big sister as a newborn so it was such a privilege to be asked back again and I just loved seeing them now as a family of four!! Their brand new daughter was just a dream, too!! Just a few days earthside, but it only takes seconds to steal your heart forever…and it was pretty clear how perfectly she fit into her family. Congrats again, M Family!! Your baby girl is just precious!

Thankful | Fort Worth Family Photographer

What a joy it is to photograph this family! They will always be special to me. A few months after getting married I was looking for a new job and since I’ve always loved kids, I got on a site to find a job as a nanny. The first time I went to their house I met the sweetest little 7 month old twins! I nannied for them on and off for years and though I don’t see them too often now, it has been lovely watching them grow and getting to capture this sweet family year after year. This session of theirs is one of my favorites yet with the beautiful fall colors! I always think how thankful I am for those who have supported my journey as a photographer and I am so grateful for their encouragement and friendship.  So thank you again, K family! For everything ❤

The Heiress | Fort Worth Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

There’s something special about stepping into a house with a newborn. When I go to meet a newborn client or even a friend who’s just had a baby, I honestly get butterflies as I walk to the door. It’s that anticipation and quiet excitement before meeting a brand new, precious soul…a new family member to love and cherish! I was so happy for this sweet mama and daddy…their first child…a daughter!!! I was met with proud smiles as they introduced me to their baby girl. She was absolutely beautiful with an amazing head of full dark hair and tiny little features. And oh, how they loved on her!! I could have stayed all day to capture the way they looked at the tiny, new love of their lives. Also, can I say that any family that gives their little one the hashtag #theheiress, is pretty darn cool?! 🙂 Thank you again for welcoming me into your home so I could create these memories for you and meet your little one. Clearly she is meant for big things!

Just Dance | Fort Worth Family Photographer

Beautiful leaves, sunshine, a gorgeous little red head, and a mama and dad who are practically still newlyweds (see photos towards the end). All these things made this an amazing session and I am definitely craving these lovely colors again! (Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited for Spring and Summer too.)  I always hope you will feel comfortable enough to just relax and love on your family at a session. Most of the time, I’ll ask you to look at each other, not at the black box in front of my face 😉 I love when true personalities shine through. This sweet one loves dancing and music!! My favorite is when her daddy played a song on his phone at the end and she busted a move (last photo.) Lots of love to these sweet three!! I’d love y’all even if we weren’t family ❤

Our girl | Fort Worth Lifestyle Photographer | Personal Post

Precious baby. Our sweet daughter.

It still seems surreal to say that out loud. We have a daughter! It’s been three months since we saw this beautiful face for the first time (8 days late, I might add). I was a huge bundle of emotions and swirling thoughts and my mind was filled with the unknowns before she got here, but once she was? Once I heard her cry and they laid her sweet, sticky body on my chest? I was able to breathe. I took it all in and studied her little face and didn’t worry about the things to come. The first few weeks were tough adjusting and we still have crazy days but I have to say, I have love LOVED having her finally here!! She has the most amazing dark blue eyes that are lightening up by the day. Tiny fingers and long feet. Dark wispy hair at the back of her head and soft fuzzies on top. The saddest cry and the happiest wide mouth smile that has affectionately earned her the moniker “birdie” from me. She is filling out and is working on an impressive double chin and cheeks (which you won’t see in these photos since these are from the first month.) It’s amazing how a teeny tiny someone you’ve never met can instantly fill every corner of your heart and fit perfectly into your family. She is obsessed with her daddy, and our sweet boy is paying more attention to her everyday (he loves giving her high-fives. 🙂 ) And when she locks eyes on either one of them, it’s a special kind of beautiful. Those smiles are magic I tell you! These are some of my favorites from 8 days old and then a few weeks later. Just our crazy family. All piled up on the bed. Just how I like them ❤




Only More Love | Fort Worth Lifestyle Photographer | Mama Post

I’m not normally quite this open, but sometimes you just need to pour out your heart and give your thoughts and feelings a space. The night before we go from three to four is one of those times. So, deep breath. Here goes. A letter to my first baby…


Things are changing little one. In a matter of just hours now, we’ll welcome a baby girl into our arms and our home. We’ve waited so long for her and we’re beyond excited to see who this new sweet soul will be!! But there are a few things I’d like you to know. First of all, we are confident you will be the world’s best big brother. We know you’ll love on her and teach her things and get into all sorts of shenanigans no doubt. We will probably laugh at the things you’ll come up with together and cry along with you both on the days that seem too long. Life will get busier, more complicated, and more beautiful than we can imagine right now. But a sister is a great blessing! We cannot wait to see you two together!!

My heart hurts sometimes thinking you might feel uneasy with the changes, or confused why you are not the only little in our home anymore. But I pray someday you’ll know…

That though our attention may be divided, our LOVE never will. It will only be multiplied exponentially. Our family will change and grow and we will be stretched in ways we never thought possible, but the way we feel for you will never change. Well, actually it will. We will love you all the more just the same as we love you more than the day we first met you. As for me? I’m sure glad I’ve had honest mama friends to talk to, because the emotions of adding another little have been much more than I anticipated. I’m so glad they’ve told me it was normal to feel a bit sad about you not being my only little anymore despite how badly we wanted to add to our family. Though there will be a new baby in the house, you will always be my boy. My sweet first babylove. I could never describe the place you hold in our hearts but the only thing that comes close would be this. When you came into our lives, as I’m sure most/all parents experience, you broke my heart in two. But not in a bad way. You broke my heart because before that day, there was no way the love for you would even have fit inside. It had to be stretched, and pulled, and broken so that more love could be shoved in. And then after that, it was never the same. My heart was, and always will be a bit exposed. Just bursting with this uncontrollable, ever growing love. When your baby sister comes, I will burst open again and things will never be the same. They’ll be even better. We will love on this little girl just as fiercely as we love you. But since that big, fierce, multiplied love is so intense, there will surely be growing pains for all of us. We will face the rough moments and revel in the joys of our new family together. I guess this is why mamas can be so crazy and emotional and unstable (at least I feel that way). I mean, they’re walking around with a heart that’s expanded well beyond their rib cages for goodness sake!  So just remember that you will always have a special place. And there will always be room for more because though you will have to share your toys and my attention, you’ll never have to share my love. Because you’ll each have your own place in my heart.


“I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.”

-Mother Teresa