The Heiress | Fort Worth Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

There’s something special about stepping into a house with a newborn. When I go to meet a newborn client or even a friend who’s just had a baby, I honestly get butterflies as I walk to the door. It’s that anticipation and quiet excitement before meeting a brand new, precious soul…a new family member to love and cherish! I was so happy for this sweet mama and daddy…their first child…a daughter!!! I was met with proud smiles as they introduced me to their baby girl. She was absolutely beautiful with an amazing head of full dark hair and tiny little features. And oh, how they loved on her!! I could have stayed all day to capture the way they looked at the tiny, new love of their lives. Also, can I say that any family that gives their little one the hashtag #theheiress, is pretty darn cool?! 🙂 Thank you again for welcoming me into your home so I could create these memories for you and meet your little one. Clearly she is meant for big things!


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