Our girl | Fort Worth Lifestyle Photographer | Personal Post

Precious baby. Our sweet daughter.

It still seems surreal to say that out loud. We have a daughter! It’s been three months since we saw this beautiful face for the first time (8 days late, I might add). I was a huge bundle of emotions and swirling thoughts and my mind was filled with the unknowns before she got here, but once she was? Once I heard her cry and they laid her sweet, sticky body on my chest? I was able to breathe. I took it all in and studied her little face and didn’t worry about the things to come. The first few weeks were tough adjusting and we still have crazy days but I have to say, I have love LOVED having her finally here!! She has the most amazing dark blue eyes that are lightening up by the day. Tiny fingers and long feet. Dark wispy hair at the back of her head and soft fuzzies on top. The saddest cry and the happiest wide mouth smile that has affectionately earned her the moniker “birdie” from me. She is filling out and is working on an impressive double chin and cheeks (which you won’t see in these photos since these are from the first month.) It’s amazing how a teeny tiny someone you’ve never met can instantly fill every corner of your heart and fit perfectly into your family. She is obsessed with her daddy, and our sweet boy is paying more attention to her everyday (he loves giving her high-fives. 🙂 ) And when she locks eyes on either one of them, it’s a special kind of beautiful. Those smiles are magic I tell you! These are some of my favorites from 8 days old and then a few weeks later. Just our crazy family. All piled up on the bed. Just how I like them ❤





One thought on “Our girl | Fort Worth Lifestyle Photographer | Personal Post

  1. Love these so beautiful Erika!!!  God Bless, Gisele

    “Jesus does not look so much at the greatness of our actions, or even at their difficulty, as at the love with which we do them.” St. Therese of Lisieux

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