TWO | Mama Post

Today. Oh, how did two whole years fly by to get us to today?? My baby. My BIG, handsome, sweet and silly love is TWO and I just cannot believe it. This mama thing is sure tough sometimes, but days like these are so full of joy and extra thankfulness for my time with him. Life can get so busy but today has been beautiful so far and I’m doing my best to take it all in.

That is really what I want to do not just on his birthday but more in the everyday. To stop what I am doing and just be together. To not worry so much about the cleaning, the bills, the “to-dos” and just soak it all in. Because two years sure did FLY and I want to remember everything I possibly can about this time in our lives and about this extraordinary little human that God has so graciously gifted us with. He is truly a joy and a blessing and I have loved every single moment of being his mama.

Here are just a few recent ones of my boy just being his sweet self. Even though I still slip back in time and remember those precious newborn and baby days when the snuggles were much longer, I am cherishing this time of toddler-hood and soaking up these days with him. I am loving every bit of the little person he is today. Learning new words, trying on our shoes, climbing on boxes, hiding my brush under the bed. I love this little blue eyed, puppy loving, coloring, messy eating, book reading little guy to pieces and I wouldn’t change one wispy hair on his blonde head.

We love you sweet boy!! Happy 2 years 🙂



These last three are from his party on Saturday. So glad my littlest sis caught the last one of my boy and me ❤





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