Christmas in January | Mama Post

Christmas spirit is something we should keep with us all year, right?! That said, I just had to share these of my sweet boy! His Halloween pumpkin photos turned out so great, I knew I wanted to do a Christmas-themed shoot sometime in December. Well, the holidays got a little busy and long story short, I ended up finally getting to do this mini-shoot (and by “mini” I mean literally 15 minutes before we ran out of light and he was ready for bed) last week!  We went back to the same place we took photos last year, and I added the shots of hubby and I on the day we found our our little one was a little guy. I gave Owen his little blue stocking I made him and of course, he thought it was quite tasty(; In ten years, I know I won’t mind that these weren’t taken exactly at Christmas, but I will have these sweet shots of my baby (who is looking so much like a little boy!) with my favorite holiday’s theme.

IMG_0401e1  IMG_0377ecropWM2  IMG_0464e1 IMG_0483e









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