Baby sister | Fort Worth Newborn Photographer

Oh, sweet baby sister! I have had the honor of capturing every bit of the journey for these two and their little ones. I remember when this lady and I would sit and just talk about our dreams of becoming mamas someday…and now she and her husband have TWO beautiful daughters!! My hubby and I are so glad our sweet boy has cousins close in age to play with when he gets bigger. Also, I did a little side by side on the last image…Big sister as a newborn in one of my favorite images, and baby MG and her family of four. Speaking of favorites, the two photos with big sister may just be my favorite big sibling shots ever! Ha! I just know they have a lifetime of shenanigans and love and best-friend-sister-fun together! Love y’all much!!



IMG_3062eNEWBW CollageBLOG1 IMG_3107eNEW IMG_3200eNEW IMG_3225eNEW IMG_3179eNEW IMG_3169eNEW

IMG_3191eNEWCollageBLOG2 IMG_3499eNEWWM







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