Thankful | Personal post

Today is a beautiful day.

A day full of food and family and thankfulness, yes, but I think it is important (at least for me) to put into words the thoughts I know to be true, but do not verbalize on a daily basis.

We have certain days during the year to help us remember to thank those around us. Veteran’s Day is for thanking Veterans. Father’s Day is for telling fathers how much we appreciate them and the same goes for mothers, grandparents, secretaries and all those other days designed to help us put our feelings to words (or at least into Hallmark cards.)

Though sometimes on these days, I find myself feeling my chosen way of giving thanks to another to be a bit inadequate. Are we really supposed to try to fit all the gratitude in our hearts towards, say, the men and women who serve our country, or those who raised us into one day? One card?

I am glad these days are here, absolutely. They are excellent reminders in our otherwise occupied lives to focus on one specific person (or group of people) and tell them what we truly mean to say. Though with anything that is important, I think practice is needed and not on just one day a year!

My parents raised me to be grateful for every single blessing in our lives and this is a tradition I hope to pass on to our little one.  I write this as much a reminder to myself as anything, but I hope that I am able to do a better job not just of thanking those who need to be thanked, but to truly live a life of gratitude and model this for my family. Of course, I probably will not go thank my dentist to the point of awkwardness after my next teeth cleaning, but I do believe that a little gratitude goes a long way.

So, for the sake of holding myself accountable, and instead of the vague “thanks God for everything” that I catch myself saying sometimes, I wanted to list a few of my thanks for today…

Thanks be to God for good health and this beautiful life! I am thankful for my sweet husband, who is both patient with me and pushes me to be better. He loves God and brings more laughter and joy to my life than I could have ever hoped for myself.   I am thankful for this tiny little growing life inside of me. There were many times in the past I wondered if I would ever get the chance to be a mama. Now, I wake up every day and thank God and wonder how it is possible that we could be blessed with such a gift. I have a crazy but sweet, supporting family who can laugh, cry, and inspire each other all at once. (Love those moments!)

I honestly feel blessed that I have been given the opportunity to do photography. I can’t explain the gratitude I feel when a family chooses me to capture some of the most important memories in their life! I feel at that moment that I am part of their family…getting to see and experience and share in their joy right along with them.

So, thank YOU for allowing me to share in your joy! I am thanking you today, but please know I am grateful for each and every opportunity through the year that I get to experience  and capture the little moments that make your family beautiful.

Does your family make a list of things or say what they are thankful for? I think I’d like to start a little thankful jar that can be left out all year. I’d love to hear other ideas too!

I am excited to spend my Thanksgiving Day and weekend with family and will be looking for more little ways to show gratitude throughout the year. 

Hoping your day is full of turkey, pecan pie, and football. Remember, if you’re extra thankful, the calories won’t count so much…that’s my theory anyway!



erika kalina photography

Love constantly, live joyfully


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